Naptime and Bedtime Rituals

Experts agree that the best way to help your child make the transition from play to nap, and bedtime to sleep, is to establish a calming, consistent ritual.  You can start putting together a bedtime routine when your baby is as young as 6 or 8 weeks old.  The routine will be working very well as the baby gets a little older and the consistent use of the routine become habit for her and you.  Your ritual can include any of the following or a combination of these effective choices:  giving your baby a bath, cuddling, changing into sleeping clothes, reading a bedtime story or two, singing a lullaby, giving her a kiss good afternoon or night, and now available,… using the NapCap to promote sleeping.  Whatever routine works for your family is fine, as long as you do it in the same order and at the same time every night.  Setting and sticking to a consistent nap and bedtime, on weekdays and weekends alike, is the answer to establishing good sleep habits.  Keep in mind, the more you use NapCap for your baby, the more she will learn that NapCap means Nap Time.

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