Where did idea come for Baby NapCap?

Teri Macy, an interior designer and real estate entrepreneur for the the last forty years, is the inventor of NapCap and manufacturer of BabyNap Cap. The idea for the NapCap was the creation of this grandmother of a very curious and easily over stimulated baby granddaughter. With parents having busy lifestyles and always on the go, Teri’s granddaughter often needed a little extra help to fall asleep at nap time and at night. Grandmother came to the rescue by designing for her the very first baby sleep mask, a uniquely designed NapCap that shades the baby from distractions while she is trying to fall to sleep. It floats over the eyes and nose and blocks out extra stimulus that a baby doesn’t need when trying to fall asleep. And, with consistent use, NapCap becomes a cue for sleep with infants. Moms, please try to be consistent and use NapCap in your sleep routine with ever nap, is will work like magic.

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