Baby NapCap Blocks Light, Aids Sleep

Baby NapCap is designed to block light and distractions when an infant is trying and needing to sleep. Foremost it is an infant sleep mask. It is a cap that features a soft brim. It is similar to a comfortable, washable cotton baseball cap with a bill that is not firm. The headband that fits on the head is soft and expandable. The bill or veil is delicate polyester that falls down over the eyes and has been made of light material. It is shaped so that it floats over the baby’s nose and so as not to interfere with airways; nose or mouth. NapCap actually magically calms the baby and promotes safe sleep by limiting visual distractions. NapCap also has multiple additional functions because the bill can be lowered to half position and function as a sun visor, lowered on the sides to help baby focus on breast feeding, raised up to be a normal cap, or turned backwards on head and lowered to protect the baby’s neck from sun burn. Multi-functional, useful hat that comes in handy where ever you go.

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