Newborn Sleep

During the first several months of your baby’s life, he simply sleeps when he’s tired. His waking-sleeping pattern mainly revolves around his stomach. He’s awake when he’s hungry and asleep when he’s full. Your task is to make it comfortable for a new baby to sleep and to feed him when he awakes in a routine manner. The “trick” with Baby NapCap is that you can use the NapCap as an aid to the sleeping part. NapCap blocks out light and distractions so the curious baby can relax and fall to sleep and keep a schedule. Note that consistent timing with waking, feeding and calming baby with NapCap will become a routine for you and your baby. NapCap will be the cue for comforting sleep. Only NapCap is an infant sleep mask that doesn’t impede the baby’s eyes or eyelids.

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