Sleepless Nights, Missed Naps?

Going crazy, extra tired? I am talking about you, the new mother. How about some help? Baby NapCap to the rescue.
Develop healthy sleep habits, and have a happy rested child with NapCap. Napcap is an infant sleep mask that I invented to help quiet and soothe my fourth grand daughter. It worked so well for her that I committed to the project of manufacturing and bringing the brand new idea to market. The concept is, the veil or soft bill of the cap can be lowered over the eyes of your infant to block out light and environmental distractions. This allows the baby to let go of the things that are happening around him and calm himself and relax. They can ease themselves off to sleep. The NapCap veil floats over the eyes and nose and does not impede the eyelids like some caps and masks do. Give it a try if your infant has a hard time letting go and gets fussier the longer the nap is delayed. It works like magic. Remember to use NapCap every time it is nap time and it will become a cue for the baby to sleep. Enjoy lots of good rest, baby and mother!

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