Each Baby’s Sleep is Unique.

Babies are born with individual traits that affect the amount of physical activity, the duration of sleep, and the length of periods of crying they will sustain. But babies also differ in more subtle ways. Some are easier to “read”; they seem to have predictable schedules for feeding and sleeping. These babies also tend to cry less and sleep more. Regular babies are more self-soothing; they fall asleep easier, and when they awaken at night they are more able to return to sleep unassisted. But don’t blame yourself if you have an irregular baby who cries a lot and is less self-soothing. It’s only luck. But remember that the process of falling asleep is learned and you can develop steps to cue the learning process. Try adding Baby NapCap to your sleep routine; the safe, infant sleep mask. Have a consistent routine and you will see the magic of folding down the veil of NapCap. NapCap will cue your baby to relax, he will be able to shut out the busy world around him, and he will be able fall to sleep.

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