Baby Won’t Nap?

Why won’t your baby nap?
Baby could be overtired. Baby could be overstimulated. Baby could be distracted. Baby could need you.
You only have a relatively short window of time during which your baby will settle themselves to sleep. Miss this and they will often get a second wind and be unwilling and unable to nap. Infants rarely want to miss a thing so if they have been playing just before nap time they are unlikely to want to stop and relax for a rest. Also if your baby isn’t in the normal place where they sleep, perhaps there is interesting noise, light or distracting activity, they will have a very tough time getting to sleep.
The answer is as simple as using Baby NapCap consistently at nap time. Baby NapCap will soon become the “cue” to your infant that it is time for sleep.
You will also be more effective teaching your baby to sleep if you establish a daytime sleep routine. Put the baby down at the same time each day and they will learn what to expect and settle more easily. You will also want to have a little quiet time together before you place them down to sleep. Read a book, sing a lullaby and cuddle. Be sure to do this with Baby NapCap in place so they won’t become more stimulated by looking at you. Try to have the environment dark, quiet and temperate but remember that Baby NapCap will come to the rescue in busy locations such as airplanes, family gatherings, shopping and other out of the norm places.
Please pass the word that NapCap does work and should be close at hand when it is time to sleep.

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