Healthy Sleep Can Be Possible

Sleeping is not an automatically regulated process such as the control of body temperature or breathing. Sleeping is more like feeding. Mothers know that junk food is not the right prescription for eating. Children need a balanced diet to grow and flourish. If the food that is given to children is insufficient or unbalanced, this diet will interfere with development. The same is true for unhealthy sleep patterns. Be consistent with your sleep plan. If a change is necessary allow at least a few days before the change becomes part of your routine. Be Patient and Consistent. Your goal is for good naps at routine times. Occasionally there will be a bad nap or a nap strike, but nap-resistant babies are usually overtired. Use the safe tool: NapCap, to assist you with getting the baby to relax and fall to sleep. NapCap, an infant sleep mask, blocks out distractions and light, allowing the baby to calm himself and relax and shut out the exciting world and fall to sleep. See how magical NapCap can be. Use NapCap consistently when following your sleep routine.

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