Sleep Mask per Wikipedia

Sleep Mask – a blindfold (eyepatch, blinders), usually of cloth, tied or attached to one’s head to cover eyes to disable wearer’s sight.

What about having an infant sleep mask? With Baby NapCap a product now exists, that is safe and easy for our sensitive infants!

Additional notes of application from Wikipedia:
a. sleep mask – blocks out light when sleeping especially during air travel or sleeping during the day.
b. shuts out light and allows user to achieve a deeper level of sleep.
c. is a sensory deprivation tool in meditation or sleep, to focus on self rather than outside imagery and distractions.
d. covers eyes for health or sensitivity as in sunglasses.

Mothers of sensitive, curious and active babies will easily note that a sleep mask can be a tremendous benefit.
Try Baby NapCap to help your infant relax and calm himself. It works like magic.
Used consistently, look for NapCap to become a cue for sleep.
E.A.Z.Z.Z.Z.Y Sleep.

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