Shield for germs!

Hello mothers: just wanted to report a new use beyond an aid for napping and sleeping for Baby NapCap sent in by our Amazon friends and customers! Yes, there is yet another benefit to Baby NapCap that has been reported. It is protection from those sneezes and coughs that happen around the baby. Quoting a customer; “Works perfect for sleeping babies and good way to keep others coughing on their face. Great light weight material.” Suggestion for you: have your NapCap with you in your diaper bag if you are in crowds. I am thinking about the times my daughter takes her infant with her to pick up her kindergartner at school, and of course any other public places. Lots of flu and colds out there. This is so interesting to me, the inventor, because this was not on my radar when I created this product. Nor was the wonderful benefit of helping with nursing. Lactation nurses say that the blinder effect of bending only the sides of the cap bill, which allows babys eyes to be directed to mother, help with focusing the baby on task of nursing. Babies are less distracted and can accomplish a better and longer feeding.
Hope you will all pass the word to other mothers. NapCap works.

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