shhh…sweet dreams in progress

Daytime distractions, busy schedules, and little bodies that just won’t quit can make naps tricky to achieve. Ironically, the more exhausted your baby is from a restless day, the harder it will be for him to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. Common problems that crop up at naptime, are a lack of schedule, unusual locations and sleep arrangements, distractions in the immediate area, including noise, and too much light.
Have your NapCap handy at all times and in all places. You may find you are delayed somewhere and your schedule will go off track. You may be in the wrong place with lots other unusual things going on to disturb your baby. Use NapCap to solve the problems. NapCap blocks out light and distractions from the environment and allows the baby to relax, calm themselves, and fall to sleep. Use NapCap consistently at naptime and it be become a cue for the baby to sleep.
Make it easy for your baby to sleep well at night because he is sleeping will during the day.

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