I love this NapCap!

Quote Lane K.:  Thought I would share this great testimonial from a friend through the military who I sent a hat to celebrate their new arrival.  This is exactly what she wrote in her thank you card.  “Thank you for the adorable NapCap.  That was very thoughtful, and I am so appreciative.  It’s funny, I remember when we had just had Julian, and Rob and I were in the hospital, first time parents with this crying newborn.  We were pretty much clueless, despite all the books we had read and classes we’d taken.  I’ll never forget Julian was wearing this knit cap, crying, and the doctor came in and slid it down over her eyes.  Instantly, she was quiet.  It was awesome!  Needless to say, I love this NapCap!  It does same magical thing without pressing on her eye lids.”

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