Use Napcap in those distracting restaurants.

“I just ordered my first nap cap. This is exactly what we’ve been looking for! We had been placing light blankets over our son’s eyes when he gets sleepy when we’re out at a restaurant. My husband kept saying he needed a sleep mask. This is the perfect option!”  email from happy Mother, Amy C.

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  1. Teri Macy says:

    Thank you for commenting on the distracting restaurant scene for babies and parents. I have just experienced another big distracting scene for babies and a frazzled mother. It was on a long, long six hour airplane flight. The mother had a 3 year son and a one year old son, neither who would settle down due to the commotion in her area of the plane. She was in the back of plane near the restrooms with loads of people passing by and most of those seated around her had their reading lights on. Only in the last two hours of the flight did she get some rest when the one year old finally went to sleep. The mother had to put a blanket over the baby’s head to block out the distractions so baby could relax. I so wished I had a NapCap in my purse to give her. I saw the baby once he was asleep and she could remove the blanket. The poor guy was sweating, his hair all damp and plastered to his head. I will always travel with some extra Napcaps in my purse. NapCap to the rescue. Teri, inventor

  2. Andrew says:

    Great idea hope it works for you
    good site!

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