Use NapCap when Breast Feeding

A new idea and use for NapCap was just passed on to us.  A mother of a 4 month month old contacted us to say she found NapCap so much help at  nursing time.  Her baby at four months was getting more curious and fidgetity when nursing and therefore cutting short the time she could engage her child  in nursing, resulting in a less than satisfactory feeding.  She decided to give Napcap a try at feeding time.  NapCap came to the rescue.  NapCap’s soft veil can be raised or lowered and arranged in a number of ways.  For the challenging moments during breastfeeding, lower the veil half-way so that the veil covers the periphery of the babies eyes ( like blinders on the side of their head) but not so far down that the babies eyes covered.  In this position the baby and mother can look at each other, yet the surrounding stimulating environment is blocked to the infant.  The result with NapCap’s veil half- lowered was the the mother and baby could focus on each other.  Baby was not distracted by her surroundings and relaxed and concentrated fully on nursing.  The mother reported that the nursing time was extended and proved much more satisfactory to both she and her child.  We appreciate hearing about any and all ways NapCaps can help mothers and babies.  Keep the stories coming.

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