Great Invention – Infant Sleep Mask

We have recently heard from a mother that she was searching everywhere for a baby sleep mask close to what she loved to wear to help her sleep. She says she lucked upon Baby NapCap’s website and immediately sent in an order. She said the soft material of the visor and the spandex hat band helped the cap stay in place on her baby and was so pleased that NapCap helped with her daughter’s increasing distractibility when it was time to sleep. It is to be noted that Napcap is a “new” solution. It is a patent pending innovative product new to the marketplace. Napcap is not like the familar sleep masks, but a new idea for babies. NapCap was developed for infants and newborns with the intention that the mask material will float over the baby’s eyes. The material will not touch the eyelids and therefor cannot impede the blinking of an infant’s eyes. It is safe and does not cover the airway passages. This is the only sleep aid mask made especially for babies with their total comfort in mind.

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