To Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth:  Thank you so much for the wonderful comments and for searching for our product.  How did you find us?  I am always curious about the effectiveness of our postings.  I am continually working to improve our visibility.

I am currently working on larger sizes.  I have added spandex to the band of the hat to increase stretchability.  I have a hospital doing a test study with NapCap on sleep issues with critically ill children with sleep issues in the hospital setting.  They have asked as well, for a larger size.  I also have NICU units of hospitals asking for a smaller size.  I am working on prototypes for a somewhat larger size.  I would be happy to set one aside for you.  It would be great to have you test it and give me feedback.  Please send me your address and color choice and I will ship it to you gratis, and hopefully in time to help for your trip.  My daughter and granddaughter (inspiration for NapCap ) loved using NapCap when on flights and in airports!  More sizes will be coming in NapCap’s future.

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