Genius Product

Comment From Elizabeth:    Hello, I have a 3 1/2 month old baby, about 15+ lbs, and I just found about the Baby NapCap due to my desperate search for a solution for her recent increase in distractibility with her developing vision.  I wish I wish I wish I had found out sooner, because now she’s probably too big for it.  Are/Will there be any larger sizes?  I’m travel soon and am dreading the long rides to airport, long wait in airport, long flights, transitioning baby to a new environment…My baby gets sweaty-hot really quickly in the car seat, so just a car seat cover shade is not going to help me with my travels.  I’d rather purchase one than struggle to sew a makeshift visor on an existing hat.  I think there should be at least one size larger available for bigger babies, to accommodate for larger newborns and for babies about 3-6 months old, since that is when their vision and distractibility increases a lot, before their nap schedules really stabilize.  And also to maybe make one out of thinner material for warmer conditions.  I really want one.  Genius Product!

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