Why I needed a baby NapCap.

“I just ordered my first NapCap.  This is exactly what we’ve been looking for!  A few weeks after my son was born, my husband found out that my son would go quickly to sleep if we placed a light blanket over his head to minimize distractions.  It was amazing how quickly that worked!  No more crying out of frustration because he couldn’t stop watching the world around him.  But, we were afraid that it may be a suffocation hazard, even with us right beside him, so we contemplated other options.  We really wanted a sleep mask type option.  A friend of ours even created a sleep mask for him, but that seemed like a strangulation risk.  When I first saw the Baby NapCap, I knew this was exactly what we had been needing without any of the risks!  I showed my husband the website (after I purchased one), and he agreed which is a wonder since he’s continually telling me that I buy too much stuff for my son.  The Baby NapCap is utilitarian in nature, so my husband was very excited about it.  I can’t wait to try it out.  I am sure it will help my son get to sleep quickly and without unnecessary frustration to either him or us.  Thank you so much for creating a product that is so unique and useful!!!”  Amy Carpenter

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