What age baby benefits from NapCap?

NapCap was designed for new babies from birth to approximately 18 pounds or approximately 6 months.  Babies come in all sizes and each has their own specific growth rate, so the product’s size becomes a wide variable as the baby matures.  NapCap was made with a head band that is stretchable to adjust to the baby’s head circumference as the infant grows.  The range is 14″ to 17″ head circumference.  Mothers, please remember that babies also each develop their hand and finger dexterity at different rates.  So be aware that you will one day you will have a baby that pulls anything off their head just because they have learned to do it and it is a fun thing to do.  Ideally, mothers will start using NapCap right away with their newborn babies and use them happily until that dexterity and growth and weight has been achieved.

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