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Summer Sun and Baby’s Sensitive Eyes

Monday, July 15th, 2019

Summer time is here and the sun is shining. No summer is complete without a lot of trips to the playground and at least one backyard cookout or day at the pool, lake, or ocean. Play it safe and remember to seek the shade for your baby and carry protection for their skin and sensitive eyes. Hang out under a tree or umbrella and have a hat to shade their eyes. Newborns and infants do not have fully developed eyes for several weeks after birth and they really need to have extra protection from bright sun light.
There is a product that will solve this problem that should go with you in the diaper bag where ever you take your baby. It is NapCap. Originally designed as a sleep and napping aid, it is turning out to be just as valuable as a sunscreen for the baby’s eyes.The soft view or bill can be raised or lowered over the infant’s eyes to keep out the bright sun rays. NapCap is the answer for baby sun glasses! Love the sun?…Love the Baby, and love using NapCap for protection.