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Fussy Baby Will Not Sleep

Monday, February 18th, 2019

Mothers find help with a simple product that helps tired babies get to sleep in any environment.
Everyone tired? Yes! NapCap helps block distractions and light and allows a baby to relax and shut down.
All babies need their naps and mothers want to help their infants get their rest in a scheduled routine. The reality is that this isn’t always possible. There are shopping trips that run long, other children in the family that require attention, meetings that run late, vacations with unfamiliar locations, and many other busy life circumstances that can change the best made plans. Mothers that aren’t always able to stay on schedule can really use NapCap.
NapaCap was created and designed to help in these moments. The concept is new, though very simple. The cap is an infant sleep mask that incorporates the unique feature of a veil for the infants eyes that flips up and down over the baby’s eyes providing a shield to the surrounding distractions. Babies will be able and allowed to relax and sleep when the veil is lowered. It does not restrict the eyes or eyelids or airways and is safe, pediatrician approved. Mothers say that with repeated use of NapCap the baby will learn the cue that when NapCap is on, it is time to nap. NapCap an extra tool in the diaper bag!

Exciting Baby Product Invention

Friday, February 15th, 2019

NapCap is helping babies sleep Eazzzzzy! The idea for the baby NapCap was the creation of a grandmother of a very curious and easily over stimulated, active baby girl. With parents having busy lifestyles and always on the go, her granddaughter often needed a little extra help to fall asleep at nap time and sometimes, at night. Grandmother came to the rescue by designing her very first baby NapCap. When it was so successful in putting the baby to sleep and it was discovered that with repeated use, it became a cue for the sleeping routine, Grandmother had to begin manufacturing it for other babies.
The concept is simple; cover a baby’s eyes with a soft, safe veil so they are not distracted and excited by their surroundings, and they will happily find a way to peacefully sleep. New and unique to the market, NapCap is a simple product that is easy to take on the go or for use right in the home to help a baby sleep. It is a unique infant “sleep mask”, that will not impede eyes or eyelids or obstruct the nose or airways. This versatile cap can be worn in different positions, making it also useful as a typical infant cap, a very often needed sun visor for the sensitive eyes of a baby, and as a sun screen for the back of the neck. Nursing mothers even have found the by adjusting the veil down on the sides only, NapCap helps focus the baby on the nursing task and the baby can have a more satisfactory feeding. It is the perfect gift for expectant mothers.
“After 35 years as a practicing pediatrician, finally there is a product that works to help get babies to sleep”, says Dr. David Schmottlach of Children’s Primary Medical Group of Encinitas, California. “The baby NapCap is safe with a snug fitting cap and light weight flap to cover the eyes and eliminate light and distractions!”
“With NapCap, your baby can safely shut out the busy world and sleep virtually anywhere.” Susie M, NICU Nurse