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Ingenious Solution for infant sleeping.

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Block out light and distractions so baby can sleep with the simple, yet ingenious product – Baby NapCap!
Baby NapCap is not sunglasses, nor a sun hat, but more like an awning shade that would be raised and lowered over the eyes. It is an infant sleep mask that doesn’t impede the eyes, eyelids or cover the airways. Pediatrician approved. NapCap calms the baby by shielding their sensitive eyes from light and activity allowing them to relax promoting sleep safely. When NapCap is not being used to shield the baby from light and distractions, the veil and cap is multi-functional and can be worn up like a typical baby cap, or it can be lowered half way to become a sun visor, or it can be reversed and shield the back of the babies neck as a sunshade. Nursing mothers even use NapCap as a method of focusing baby on the task of nursing by bending sides of veil down to direct baby’s attention to the mother. Ingenious and multi-purpose – Baby NapCap!