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Baby Sleep Naturally and Safely

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Sweet Dreams for your baby come with good sleep time habits. New news from the medical community says the parents may let a baby sleep in their room, but not in their bed. Concern about SIDS is at the crux of the topic. SIDS occurs most often in the first four months of life. The policy statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics suggested room-sharing until a baby is at least 6 months old. Safe sleep habits recommended by pediatricians are: * Put your baby on his back every time he goes to sleep *use only a firm mattress with a fitted sheet * move your baby to a crib if he falls asleep elsewhere * never put loose objects of bedding in the crib * breastfeeding and pacifiers both lower the risk of SIDS. If your baby ever has trouble falling asleep, have Baby NapCap ready to use. NapCap safely and naturally blocks out light and distractions and permits the infant to relax and fall asleep without impeding the eyes or eyelids, or blocking airways. The best, safe infant sleep mask.