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Nap Hints

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Before your baby’s nap, go outside to, briefly but intensely, stimulate your child with physical activity and sights and sounds at the park or your yard. Expose your child to light, wind, clouds, voices, music, traffic sounds. Go for a ride in the jogger or stroller. Then tone it down as you get near nap time. Now spend an extra few minutes soothing baby in the bedroom. Make the room dark and quiet and be sure to put NapCap on your baby. Try to play the same music or have same sounds every nap time. Lower the veil of the NapCap over your baby’s eyes and let your baby relax quietly without any distractions. Use the same sleep schedule and same routine every day. It will work and become a habit looked forward to for both mother and baby. NapCap the only infant sleep mask that doesn’t impede eyes and is safe and comfortable.