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Sleep Solution – NapCap

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Gentle and Natural Way to help your Baby Sleep; Baby NapCap!
There has to be an answer to getting an infant to sleep?!? Almost every mother has asked herself this occasionally or for some mothers it is a question every day. When you are so tired, why isn’t my baby? Perhaps the answer lies in the problem that the baby has become overstimulated with the rush of new sights, sounds, activity, and commotion. A baby was just a while ago, snug in the womb with lots of buffers from the real world. Now they are thrown into a new world of excitement. How much can they absorb in one day? Each baby is different right? Some are way more curious or difficult than others. The solution lies in helping the baby cope with the new experiences. Some can take in a lot of new stuff and some not so much. So mothers, look at Baby NapCap. It is the only pediatrician approved sleep mask that does not impede the eyes or eyelids. NapCap has the designed capability to block out light, block out environmental distractions, and comfortably allow your baby to sleep and nap . NapCap actually calms your baby and gives him permission to relax and let go of his new world and catch his breathe with soothing naps and sleep. We all need to regenerate and regroup, mothers and babies. Give NapCap a try, not once but every time your little one needs to sleep. Consistent use of NapCap with your baby does have a learned “cue” effect and relationship. Use NapCap every naptime and baby will be trained to relax and sleep.