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Tough time getting baby to nap?

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Easy sleep with infant sleep mask NapCap. NapCap was designed to float over the eyes of your infant without any restriction to the eyes or eyelids. With the cap’s bill folded down over the baby’s eyes, the infant can relax and let go of the interesting and distracting environment surrounding him. The infant can soothe and calm themselves and easily sleep. It works and with consistent use becomes a cue for sleep. Help your baby sleep with NapCap.

Baby NapCap Magic

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Do you have a baby who can’t quite relax? Maybe your baby is cranky or super fussy when it is time to nap. Babies get very tired when they are young and need their sleep to recharge. But some of our babies are just too curious or excited or even over stimulated to fall to sleep. Thus begins a possible vicious cycle of less and less regenerating sleep. There is an answer. It is Baby NapCap. It is a unique invention designed to help solve this problem. It is the only such baby sleep mask on the market. NapCap has a soft, pliable bill that can be raised and lowered over the eyes of the infant. This bill blocks out light and distractions from the baby’s view of sight and allows the baby to relax, close their eyes. Because there is nothing to see or stimulate the baby he calmly fall asleep. It really works like magic. And it is simple, safe, Pediatrician Approved. Have Baby NapCap with you at home, in the car, in the diaper bag, in your travel bag, where ever you are to help you and your baby control the distracting environment.