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Make Night Sleeping Different from Daytime Naps

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

A baby does not differentiate from a nap or from nighttime sleep, so you need to help him learn. You can help you baby stay in a sleepy state all night by keeping nighttime quiet and dark. When he awakes in the night, do not talk. Say “shhhh” or “night-night” but refrain from conversation. Do not turn on the lights. Use only a night light if necessary. Keep your activity slow and quiet. Change diapers only if very necessary from a soiled or very wet diaper and then do it efficiently and quickly using a warm wipe on that sleepy bottom. And do cover the windows if early morning light comes in. Cover the source of light with blinds, thick curtains or even temporary shield of cardboard. Keep activity toys out of the sleeping area so he won’t have the idea of play time.
Try using the same cue words at bedtime each night, such as “shhh, shhh, it’s night-night”. Also remember that Baby NapCap is the greatest of cues, when NapCap is on, it is light and distractions out, it’s time to sleep. Use NapCap when ever it is time for baby to sleep. Consistent use of NapCap will make NapCap your best helper at nap time.