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NapCap for Infants

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Here is a comment from a happy mother, Tara C. ” I purchased a NapCap for my daughter who is very sensitive to stimulus. I love your product and it worked like a charm. Then my daughter’s head got too big for it so I could no longer use it properly, she is 6 months right now. I would love to see you make different sizes, I tend to have babies with larger heads, and I’m sure other mothers do too. Thank you so much for making this useful cap, it was such a blessing when it fit. I tell everyone with babies about it. I wish you all the best.”
Thank you Tara for your very thoughtful comments. I am so happy you have found a help from NapCap. It seems people are finding out that NapCap does have a unique function and utility that really helps babies block out distractions and fall to sleep. We have added Spandex to the band of the cap and created a slightly larger crown to help make cap fit longer for our babies. NapCap is designed for a newborn up to approximately 16 lbs. or just around 5-6 months depending on the baby’s size. We are working towards the time when we can add a larger size and also a “preemie” size. We have also been asked to create an adult size!
Thank you for spreading the word about NapCap. It really is a one of a kind functional cap that is invaluable for those infants that have sleep issues.