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Infant Sleep Mask – yes,there is one!

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Hello Mothers and Caregivers of those babies who have a hard time going to sleep: Yes, there is an infant sleep mask available….NapCap. It is not a blindfold that impedes the baby’s eyes or prevents the eyelids from opening. It is a safe, soft, veil or bill on a cap that folds up and down and floats over the baby’s eyes. The veil shades out light and blocks the distractions from the environment. The veil does not cover the airways of the nose or mouth, yet it shields the infant from the harshness of the bright, busy and overstimulating surroundings. Help awaits with NapCap. Give up putting blankets, cloths, hands over the baby’s eyes. Give up those tight pull down caps that keep the baby from opening and closing their eyes. Try NapCap. It is safe and comfortable and useful in so many ways and places. Pediatrician approved It is an invention that is much more than a cap.