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Nap Time Problems?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

There are three important components to getting a baby to go to sleep at nap time or bedtime. The baby must be: Tired, Quiet and Relaxed. When these three components are in place, babies who have adequate “self-quieting skills” will be able to go to sleep rather easily. OR if they lack this skill, teach it by using BABY NAPCAP!
Tired: be sure baby has exercise and a regular schedule.
Quiet: quiet down the room by closing the door, or quiet the home, or even add a fan or noise machine to mask environmental noise.
Relaxed: self-quieting skills refer to a baby’s ability to calm himself or herself, with no help from an adults. Try to avoid having your baby unhappy, angry, or frustrated just before naptime. Then at bedtime, help teach the self-quieting skills by nursing, rocking, giving them their favorite blanket or stuffed animal, and shading out the distractions of the room and your image by using NapCap. The baby will be able to let go, release any tension, and relax into sleep. This routine with NapCap will become a ritual and a cue for sleep. Remember it is important when teaching to repeat the actions consistently until they become a learned habit.
NapCap to the rescue! Veil Down….Time to Sleep!