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Infant Temperament Characteristics.

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

The term “temperament” means behavioral style or the manner in which the child interacts with his or her environment. Babies who have temperaments that are easily distracted by external events are the perfect candidates for the NapCap. Babies who have sensitivity to noises, bright lights and other stimulations are very reactive and will also benefit from the use of NapCap. Some babies are flexible and adaptable to things such as changes in schedule or strangers, others are not. Those who are not, really will benefit from the use of NapCap. Activity, curiosity, and energy also are infant characteristics. Babies with high activity, curiosity, and energy will definitely resist sleeping and napping and need NapCap. Mothers who study their babies and learn their temperaments can quickly decide when NapCap is the perfect tool to help their babies sleep.