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Overtired Babies?

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

The crying baby may be hungry or just fussy. OR the crying baby may be overtired.
At times a baby can cry with such intensity and persistence that their mothers are sure they’re sick. During their crying, they may swallow air and become very gassy. If this happens, it is tempting to guess that the formula or food was off, but does this happen only at night?? Probably not. These children are healthy but overtired. Most are overtired from not napping well or from going to sleep too late. They are not napping well because they’re getting too much outside stimulation, too much handling, or too much irregular handling. Do not think of overstimulation as excessive playing with your child, but rather too long a duration of baby’s wakefulness. It’s not too much of a good thing, it’s just being awake too long.
Consider that crying of your baby can be many things, but can easily be the only way your baby can let you know that he is tired, wants to relax, be left alone and sleep. It takes a lot of energy to process all the new things they see and learn each waking hour.
The more rested a child is, the more he accepts sleep and expects to sleep.
Use NapCap CONSISTENTLY at nap time and the baby will use the cap as a cue; veil down….time to sleep! It will work like magic and your baby will be grateful and rested for his next period of learning and wakefulness.