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Newest Grand Baby Loves NapCap

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

My newest grand child is a beautiful little girl with big wide eyes. She is happy in her NapCap at nap time and it is really working! I am just so happy that this little invention is still around to help her and her mother with the lights and distractions that surround us every day. Hope NapCap continues for a long time and is able to help lots more babies. Spread the word that NapCap infant sleep mask and sun visor is available at our website and elsewhere.

Product Sizing

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

From Rachel: “My son is having trouble sleeping at daycare and I think the NapCap would be perfect for him; however, he is 8 months old and has a large head. Does this product only come in one size?”
Dear Rachel: Yes, unfortunately NapCap would be too small for your son. It was designed for infants and generally speaking works for babies up to 16 – 18 lbs. with a head circumference up to 17″. I feel for you with the situation at your daycare as I have seen a number of daycare centers with issues in controlling light and distractions. I have had many requests to add to our product line with larger sizes, even adult sizes. Hospitals have asked for a “preemie” size for use in the NICU units and a major hospital is doing a sleep study with critically ill older children using NapCaps in the hospital setting. We hope to make the investment into these new sizes in our future. Thank you so much for your inquiry and we appreciate your interest in our product. NapCap, the cue for sleeping.