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Light Affects Your Baby

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Circadian Rhythm – our body’s internal clock is always working. Knowing this and using this body pattern will help your baby with his sleep. Light regulates the circadian rhythm in babies and adults. Be sure to plug your lamps and into dimmers units or use dimmer switches at the wall plate so you can lower the lights when the sun goes down in the evening. Keep your home bright during the day, dim or dark in the night or at nap time. Use Baby NapCap to reinforce this control of light. When NapCap veil is up, it is awake time. When NapCap veil is down, it means it is time to sleep. NapCap can be used in all environments and places you and your baby go. Take NapCap with you everywhere so that you can control of the amount of light on your infant.