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Great Invention

Friday, May 13th, 2011

“This is a great invention and I wish I knew about it when she was a baby! Now 15 months old. Great invention….I wish you lots of success!” Tracy r.

Baby’s Sleep Mask

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Ever wonder how to shut out the light so you can go to sleep? Have your ever needed a sleep mask on the plane or at your bedside for that nap in the middle of the day? Of course, and babies need a mask too. Maybe they even need it more than we do because their baby eyes are not fully developed and are extra sensitive. Babies, it is here, now you have a mask, it is Baby NapCap. This new invention is safe as it doesn’t cover the nose or mouth. It is also comfortable for the baby because it doesn’t press upon the eyes, but instead floats over them allowing baby to blink and relax naturally. Many people are asking for many more sizes to be manufactured and we are working on it.

To Elizabeth

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Dear Elizabeth:  Thank you so much for the wonderful comments and for searching for our product.  How did you find us?  I am always curious about the effectiveness of our postings.  I am continually working to improve our visibility.

I am currently working on larger sizes.  I have added spandex to the band of the hat to increase stretchability.  I have a hospital doing a test study with NapCap on sleep issues with critically ill children with sleep issues in the hospital setting.  They have asked as well, for a larger size.  I also have NICU units of hospitals asking for a smaller size.  I am working on prototypes for a somewhat larger size.  I would be happy to set one aside for you.  It would be great to have you test it and give me feedback.  Please send me your address and color choice and I will ship it to you gratis, and hopefully in time to help for your trip.  My daughter and granddaughter (inspiration for NapCap ) loved using NapCap when on flights and in airports!  More sizes will be coming in NapCap’s future.

Genius Product

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Comment From Elizabeth:    Hello, I have a 3 1/2 month old baby, about 15+ lbs, and I just found about the Baby NapCap due to my desperate search for a solution for her recent increase in distractibility with her developing vision.  I wish I wish I wish I had found out sooner, because now she’s probably too big for it.  Are/Will there be any larger sizes?  I’m travel soon and am dreading the long rides to airport, long wait in airport, long flights, transitioning baby to a new environment…My baby gets sweaty-hot really quickly in the car seat, so just a car seat cover shade is not going to help me with my travels.  I’d rather purchase one than struggle to sew a makeshift visor on an existing hat.  I think there should be at least one size larger available for bigger babies, to accommodate for larger newborns and for babies about 3-6 months old, since that is when their vision and distractibility increases a lot, before their nap schedules really stabilize.  And also to maybe make one out of thinner material for warmer conditions.  I really want one.  Genius Product!