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The Sunscreen to Love – NapCap for Sun Protection

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Summer time is coming and sun will be shining bright.  No summer is complete without a lot trips to the playground and at least one backyard cookout or day at the pool, lake, or ocean.  Play it safe.  Remember to seek the shade for your baby.  Hang out under a tree or umbrella, or find another way to shelter your baby from the sun.  Some sort of shelter also helps protect their sensitive eyes as well as their tender skin.  Newborns and infants do not have fully developed eyes and they really need to have protection for their eyes. 

There is a new product that will solve this problem that should go with you in the diaper bag wherever you take your baby this summer.  It is NapCap.  Originally designed and patented as a sleep and napping aide, it is turning out to be just as valuable as a sunscreen for the eyes.  The soft veil that can be raised or lowwered over the infant’s eyes keeps out the bright sun rays and provides protection.  It can be used as infant sunglasses when you take baby for a walk in the stroller or when baby is in the car seat and you are driving with sun shining in on baby.  NapCap takes the place of those sometimes in effective car window shades.  NapCap is also very light weight and handy to have for many challenging bright light situations, stores, doctor’s offices, etc.

NapCap can also be worn backwards with the veil down covering the back of your baby’s neck.  There are going to be many times when you will have your baby snuggled against you, facing you when the sun is brightly shining.  You may have him out walking in a sling and sun is cooking the back of his neck.  Please don’t put a blanket over his head or him .  It is too hot for that and the air he will breathe through the blanket will be stale and too warm.  Use NapCap instead because there is plenty of air circulation around the cap and it still provides protection from harmful rays.

Love the sun, love the baby, and love using NapCap for sun protection.