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Some comments from Facebook

Friday, July 23rd, 2010
  • “Anything for more restful sleep!”     
  •  ”These would have been great when my son was in the NICU.”      
  •  ”GREAT idea for little bebes!”    
  •   ”I have just used a cloth until he fell asleep and then removed it off his eyes…I’d totally buy one.”      
  •  ”I wish I’d seen this when my daughter was younger!”      
  •  ”This would have worked on my first born.  Loved hats and I would have to cover his eyes with a burp cloth if he got overtired.  However my second hates hats and never lets me cover her with anything, including a nursing cover.”     
  •  ”For us at least it is not about how dark it is.  It is about baby wanting to look around, so he doesn’t allow himself to give into sleepiness.  These will be perfect for replacing my hand in blocking his view so he will go to sleep.”     
  •   “I was thinking about the carseat canopy the other day but this could work instead of putting a blanket over your carrier especially when it is hot outside.”      
  •  ”These would have been wonderful when my son was little.  He used to look around instead of sleeping, so I would hold him with a blanket over him.  I think these would be much safer than putting a blanket over his head.  I’m keeping these in mind when we have #2!”      
  •  ”These are awesome! I can’t wait to get one!”       
  •  ”Man I’m so excited for these!  Such a great idea!  At least for us!  I usually have to cup my hand over my son’s eyes and he will fall asleep right away!  He just doesn’t want to miss anything!  What a neat product.”     
  •  ”This would be lovely in the car!  My wee one HATES having the sun on him, he just freaks out in the car.  We have tinted windows in our van, but it is not enough.”     
  •  ”I bought two!  Black out curtains don’t work when you are outside on a sunny day.”    
  •  ”All 3 of my kids used them when they were in NICU after birth!! Love Them!!!!  They’re definitely not mean for just NICU…we had them sent home with us and used them for the ast month or 2….they really are great!”       
  •  ”Oh man, my daughter would love that..she is always shoving a blanket in her face.”       
  •  ”I actually wanted something like this when my baby was younger.  She pulls the blanket up on her face cause she like it there covering her eyes for comfort.  I would constantly have to check on her to make sure she was ok (she always slept better with the blanket on her head and gave this Mama a scare more than once.)”       
  •  ”It is called a NapCap, not a night cap.  I don’t see anything wrong with using it when you are out and about to keep from disturbing the baby.  I am normally a very paranoid Mommy, no bumpers in the crib and had an alarm on the crib to alert me if my babies stopped breathing.  I think it is much like the use of blankets.  You shouldn’t put your newborn in the crib with a loose blanket, but that doesn’t mean your baby doesn’t use a loose blanket for whatever reason during the day while supervised.”        
  • “Clearly this is not to be used unattended.  But more when you are out and about and you have an infant who is tired but having a hard time sleeping because of the sun/lights and all the things to look around them.  Not for use in the crib.  Kinda common sense.”      
  •  ”So awesome!”       
  •  ”It’s like you knew I needed something like this!  I was just thinking in the car yesterday (as the blinding sunlight woke my daughter up that I need to make something like this!”      
  •   “I personally know the grandmother who created this-after taking care of her young grandbabies daily, she sound a way to help ease them to sleep when they were away from home – and it worked so wonderfully, she wanted to share it with all new mommies.  I wish it had been around when my children were babies…would have made naptime easier for all!  Blackout shades don’t work when you are outside of the home.”

What age baby benefits from NapCap?

Friday, July 9th, 2010

NapCap was designed for new babies from birth to approximately 18 pounds or approximately 6 months.  Babies come in all sizes and each has their own specific growth rate, so the product’s size becomes a wide variable as the baby matures.  NapCap was made with a head band that is stretchable to adjust to the baby’s head circumference as the infant grows.  The range is 14″ to 17″ head circumference.  Mothers, please remember that babies also each develop their hand and finger dexterity at different rates.  So be aware that you will one day you will have a baby that pulls anything off their head just because they have learned to do it and it is a fun thing to do.  Ideally, mothers will start using NapCap right away with their newborn babies and use them happily until that dexterity and growth and weight has been achieved.