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Alternative to baby slings – NapCap

Monday, March 29th, 2010

We recently have been hearing about the recall of more than 1 million baby slings.  It has been disturbing particularly because one of the companies is in our county of San Diego.  I know many, many mothers who have really appreciated having a sling handy at times and are sorry that this has happened.  I know my daughter realized early that the darken area that the sling provided was helpful in calming a fussy baby.  The darkness feature was one of the factors involved in my process of inventing Baby NapCap.  However, even though we used a sling, we were both concerned about the baby’s breathing and even possibility overheating the baby.  When inventing NapCap, I was careful in my design stage to make sure our fabric was of light weight and shaped so as not to cover the nose.  I also choose the fabric of the eye veil carefully so it would have the property of floating over the eyes, not touching or inhibiting them.  So today I am more than pleased that perhaps NapCap can offer mothers a safe alternative solution and choice of products to help calm and relax their babies.  NapCap helps mothers help their babies to sleep.

For your information and education, I have included quotes from parts of an article that appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune, on March 25, 2010, by staff writer Onell R. Soto.  “A San Diego maker of baby products recalled more than 1 million baby slings yesterday at the request of federal regulators who linked them to three suffocation deaths.”  “A baby can suffocate within a minute or two if the fabric blocks the mouth and nose, or if the airway is restricted when the baby slips into a curled position with the chin on the chest and crying for help is impossible.”  “The slings wrap around the chest so on-the-go parents can carry their babies or stay close as they bond with their infants.  Earlier this month, the safety commission issued a broad warning about sling-style baby carriers, stating they pose a potential suffocation risk to infants, especially babies under 4 months.  Babies who had a low birth weight, were born prematurely or had breathing problems, such as colds, also were at risk.”  “Slings have been promoted by baby experts as a way to calm fussy babies or for nursing mothers who can breast-feed their infants in the sling.”  “Baby experts and breast-feeding advocates insisted not all slings are dangerous.  They said carriers that keep a newborn baby solidly against the mother’s body, in an upright position, are safe.  There are no federal safety rules for baby slings.”

Baby Announcement Gift

Friday, March 26th, 2010

I have learned about  a NapCap that was sent to a friend as a gift to celebrate their announcement of their new baby.  The new mother wrote back in a thank you card and it was forwarded to me.  This is exactly what she said:  “Thank you for the adorable NapCap.  That was very thoughtful, and I am so appreciative.  It’s funny, I remember when we had just had Julian, Rob and I were in the hospital, first time parents with this crying newborn.  We were pretty much clueless, despite all the books we had read and classes we’d taken.  I’ll never forget she was wearing this knit cap, crying, and the doctor came in and slid it down over her eyes.  Instantly, she was quiet.  It was awesome!  Needless to say, I love this NapCap!  Thank you again for thinking of my family”  I loved hearing this great story.  We also know that Napcap will work even better because it was made so as not to be tight against the baby’s eyes, but rather to have the veil float over them.  That way babies can still blink and open and close eyes at will.  Yes, another baby and mother and father helped by NapCap.