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Traveling with Baby?

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

NapCap is essential in the diaper bag! Visiting relatives, traveling to Grandmother’s house, seeing friends at parties; always have NapCap with your baby so they can relax and find calm from all the distractions and activity. It is not easy for the little one to be so mobile. The baby still wants only food, sleep, and love. Make sure you can provide the calming sleep mask, Baby NapCap, when it is time for them to sleep. NapCap is pediatrician approved and doesn’t impede eyes or eyelids like other products. Baby NapCap floats over an infants eyes and nose and doesn’t impede the airways or eyes. Magical, there is nothing like it.

Newborn Sleep

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

During the first several months of your baby’s life, he simply sleeps when he’s tired. His waking-sleeping pattern mainly revolves around his stomach. He’s awake when he’s hungry and asleep when he’s full. Your task is to make it comfortable for a new baby to sleep and to feed him when he awakes in a routine manner. The “trick” with Baby NapCap is that you can use the NapCap as an aid to the sleeping part. NapCap blocks out light and distractions so the curious baby can relax and fall to sleep and keep a schedule. Note that consistent timing with waking, feeding and calming baby with NapCap will become a routine for you and your baby. NapCap will be the cue for comforting sleep. Only NapCap is an infant sleep mask that doesn’t impede the baby’s eyes or eyelids.

Baby Sleep Naturally and Safely

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Sweet Dreams for your baby come with good sleep time habits. New news from the medical community says the parents may let a baby sleep in their room, but not in their bed. Concern about SIDS is at the crux of the topic. SIDS occurs most often in the first four months of life. The policy statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics suggested room-sharing until a baby is at least 6 months old. Safe sleep habits recommended by pediatricians are: * Put your baby on his back every time he goes to sleep *use only a firm mattress with a fitted sheet * move your baby to a crib if he falls asleep elsewhere * never put loose objects of bedding in the crib * breastfeeding and pacifiers both lower the risk of SIDS. If your baby ever has trouble falling asleep, have Baby NapCap ready to use. NapCap safely and naturally blocks out light and distractions and permits the infant to relax and fall asleep without impeding the eyes or eyelids, or blocking airways. The best, safe infant sleep mask.

Nap Hints

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Before your baby’s nap, go outside to, briefly but intensely, stimulate your child with physical activity and sights and sounds at the park or your yard. Expose your child to light, wind, clouds, voices, music, traffic sounds. Go for a ride in the jogger or stroller. Then tone it down as you get near nap time. Now spend an extra few minutes soothing baby in the bedroom. Make the room dark and quiet and be sure to put NapCap on your baby. Try to play the same music or have same sounds every nap time. Lower the veil of the NapCap over your baby’s eyes and let your baby relax quietly without any distractions. Use the same sleep schedule and same routine every day. It will work and become a habit looked forward to for both mother and baby. NapCap the only infant sleep mask that doesn’t impede eyes and is safe and comfortable.

Sleep Solution – NapCap

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Gentle and Natural Way to help your Baby Sleep; Baby NapCap!
There has to be an answer to getting an infant to sleep?!? Almost every mother has asked herself this occasionally or for some mothers it is a question every day. When you are so tired, why isn’t my baby? Perhaps the answer lies in the problem that the baby has become overstimulated with the rush of new sights, sounds, activity, and commotion. A baby was just a while ago, snug in the womb with lots of buffers from the real world. Now they are thrown into a new world of excitement. How much can they absorb in one day? Each baby is different right? Some are way more curious or difficult than others. The solution lies in helping the baby cope with the new experiences. Some can take in a lot of new stuff and some not so much. So mothers, look at Baby NapCap. It is the only pediatrician approved sleep mask that does not impede the eyes or eyelids. NapCap has the designed capability to block out light, block out environmental distractions, and comfortably allow your baby to sleep and nap . NapCap actually calms your baby and gives him permission to relax and let go of his new world and catch his breathe with soothing naps and sleep. We all need to regenerate and regroup, mothers and babies. Give NapCap a try, not once but every time your little one needs to sleep. Consistent use of NapCap with your baby does have a learned “cue” effect and relationship. Use NapCap every naptime and baby will be trained to relax and sleep.

Tough time getting baby to nap?

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Easy sleep with infant sleep mask NapCap. NapCap was designed to float over the eyes of your infant without any restriction to the eyes or eyelids. With the cap’s bill folded down over the baby’s eyes, the infant can relax and let go of the interesting and distracting environment surrounding him. The infant can soothe and calm themselves and easily sleep. It works and with consistent use becomes a cue for sleep. Help your baby sleep with NapCap.

Baby NapCap Magic

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Do you have a baby who can’t quite relax? Maybe your baby is cranky or super fussy when it is time to nap. Babies get very tired when they are young and need their sleep to recharge. But some of our babies are just too curious or excited or even over stimulated to fall to sleep. Thus begins a possible vicious cycle of less and less regenerating sleep. There is an answer. It is Baby NapCap. It is a unique invention designed to help solve this problem. It is the only such baby sleep mask on the market. NapCap has a soft, pliable bill that can be raised and lowered over the eyes of the infant. This bill blocks out light and distractions from the baby’s view of sight and allows the baby to relax, close their eyes. Because there is nothing to see or stimulate the baby he calmly fall asleep. It really works like magic. And it is simple, safe, Pediatrician Approved. Have Baby NapCap with you at home, in the car, in the diaper bag, in your travel bag, where ever you are to help you and your baby control the distracting environment.

Pediatrician Approved Infant Sleep Mask

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

It’s safe. It’s unique. It’s like no other sleep mask. It is an infant cap that has a soft, light weight veil over the babies eyes, that “floats” over the eyes and nose and does not restrict in any way the eyelids or breathing passages! NapCap merely shades out the light and distractions from babies vision in every environment. When that happens, like magic, a baby is able to relax and close their eyes and soothe themselves to sleep. NapCap was especially invented for those busy, active and easily over stimulated babies who have difficulty getting to sleep.

Make Night Sleeping Different from Daytime Naps

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

A baby does not differentiate from a nap or from nighttime sleep, so you need to help him learn. You can help you baby stay in a sleepy state all night by keeping nighttime quiet and dark. When he awakes in the night, do not talk. Say “shhhh” or “night-night” but refrain from conversation. Do not turn on the lights. Use only a night light if necessary. Keep your activity slow and quiet. Change diapers only if very necessary from a soiled or very wet diaper and then do it efficiently and quickly using a warm wipe on that sleepy bottom. And do cover the windows if early morning light comes in. Cover the source of light with blinds, thick curtains or even temporary shield of cardboard. Keep activity toys out of the sleeping area so he won’t have the idea of play time.
Try using the same cue words at bedtime each night, such as “shhh, shhh, it’s night-night”. Also remember that Baby NapCap is the greatest of cues, when NapCap is on, it is light and distractions out, it’s time to sleep. Use NapCap when ever it is time for baby to sleep. Consistent use of NapCap will make NapCap your best helper at nap time.

Sleepless Nights, Missed Naps?

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Going crazy, extra tired? I am talking about you, the new mother. How about some help? Baby NapCap to the rescue.
Develop healthy sleep habits, and have a happy rested child with NapCap. Napcap is an infant sleep mask that I invented to help quiet and soothe my fourth grand daughter. It worked so well for her that I committed to the project of manufacturing and bringing the brand new idea to market. The concept is, the veil or soft bill of the cap can be lowered over the eyes of your infant to block out light and environmental distractions. This allows the baby to let go of the things that are happening around him and calm himself and relax. They can ease themselves off to sleep. The NapCap veil floats over the eyes and nose and does not impede the eyelids like some caps and masks do. Give it a try if your infant has a hard time letting go and gets fussier the longer the nap is delayed. It works like magic. Remember to use NapCap every time it is nap time and it will become a cue for the baby to sleep. Enjoy lots of good rest, baby and mother!