Hello Mothers:
My name is Teri, or Grammie TT, as my grandchildren call me. I hope you are going to find that my invention of Baby NapCap will be of great help to you.  I brought this product to the market with desire to solve a problem for babies and mothers. Sometimes we just need a little extra help at naptime in getting our babies to sleep.  NapCap is now here for you.

This little cap is receiving wonderful response from everyone who see it and everyone who uses it.  The medical community, nurses and pediatricians, are excited that finally there is a cap that helps babies safely sleep and protects their sensitive eyes to bright lights.  Situations arise every day were Baby Napcap can be a big help in the challenging environments in which we find ourselves.

Many of you are coming up with new, effective, and inventive ways to use the NapCap.  We have had stories about use in airplanes, airports, doctors offices, restaurants, cars, strollers, carriers, beach and around swimming pools and even at parties.  We are researching ways to help out at hospitals in NICU’s and critically ill wards.  Lots of mothers use NapCap for a sun visor since babies are too young to wear protective sun glasses for their sensitive eyes.  How have you used NapCap?

With this blog, I would like to provide a forum for sharing those ideas with everyone.  What works, what doesn’t, unique uses and places where NapCap has come in handy, etc.?  Tell us what new colors and designs you would like to see.  Share your ideas on tackling the sleep and napping issue.

Please feel free to post your comments below.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to enter comments.  Be sure to click on “Items of Interest” for additional discussions.  NO LOGIN REQUIRED.

I am very much looking forward to talking to you all.

Sincerely, Teri

50 Responses to “WELCOME TO EVERYONE . . .”

  1. terimacy says:

    “The baby NapCap is my baby’s lights out cue!” says Lane Kiefaber, a first-time mom. “When I put the cap on my little girl, she knows it is time to go to sleep. It is that easy!”

  2. terimacy says:

    Another new customer, a Baby Day Care Center! This day care center has an infant program that just ordered NapCaps for their nursery. The bed time center has numerous cribs and their babies all take their naps at the same time. NapCap is a great solution for them. NapCap helps the babies block out the distractions of the other infants in the same room. NapCap on, Veil Down, Time to Sleep!

  3. TERI macy says:

    There are three pillars of good health: sleep, diet and exercise! Help your baby get the most out of their nap time with Baby NapCap. NapCap is the infant sleep mask that helps your baby calm themselves and relax and fall asleep. It is safe and does not impede eyes or eye lids. Sleep is an important health consideration. The weight of sleeplessness is heavy and can spiral out of control for anyone. Try NapCap consistently with each sleep time with your little one. Not only will this help baby get their important rejuvenating rest, but it will also help Mother too! Moms need all the sleep they can get too!

  4. teri says:

    Who ever heard of an infant sleep mask? Especially a sleep mask that doesn’t impede the eyes or eyelids! There is such a product….Baby NapCap! Baby NapCap is a sleep aid which when used at nap time, helps babies fall to sleep by blocking out lights and distractions from a baby’s field of vision. It is an infants “sleep mask”. Babies have sensitive eyes! It is important to continually be alert to lights, sun, etc. that cause pain and discomfort to your baby and to be able to do something about it. Baby NapCap sleep mask doesn’t bind a baby’s eyes or in any way restrict blinking. NapCap’s veil floats over the baby’s eyes and has a calming effect because they can relax, close their eyes and forget about what is going on around them. The NapCap veil blocks out distractions, light, and UV rays. Use NapCap consistently and you will find it can become a cue for sleep; a great habit for baby and mother. It protects. It is safe. It works like magic to help your baby nap.

  5. teri says:

    NapCap is the perfect aid and solution to sleep and light problems with your baby. NapCap safely promotes napping by blocking out the light and other distractions. This infant sleep mask relaxes mild tension and calms your baby, inducing very important, rejuvenating and restful naps. With consistent use it has been found to promote a learned response of sleep. Use NapCap to help maintain your baby’s sleeping routine no matter where you happen to be. Indoors or out, NapCap is a safe way to help comfort your baby in many challenging environments.

  6. teri says:

    Happy New Year to all the beautiful babies born this year. Bless all the mothers, fathers and caregivers that tend to our precious new children.
    May you all sleep well!
    Have a joyous new year, from Teri, NapCap’s inventor.

  7. teri says:

    Why did I invent NapCap? Because my fourth grand child was so curious she wouldn’t close her eyes and go to sleep! She was afraid she would miss something. She is seven now, has learned to how to fall asleep long ago, but she is still that curious, active girl. If your infant has this wonderful curiosity, NapCap can come to the rescue. Safely, NapCap’s veil or bill can be lowered over the infants eyes and shade the eyes. The veil blocks out the distractions of the environment without touching or restricting the infants eyelids. The baby can calm themselves and on their own close their eyes and relax. With consistent use NapCap can become a cue for “time to sleep”. Try it. It has been called magical.

  8. Kristy says:

    Thank you so much for the NapCap! It is such a cute idea :)
    My baby has been wearing it on each car ride and every time we go for a walk. What a great gift!

  9. terimacy says:

    There never was a
    Child so lovely but his
    Mother was glad to see him asleep.

  10. terimacy says:

    I wanted to share this today, some how it didn’t get posted and it really should have for May 1, 2013, from Lauren. Lauren says: “I want to hug you. My baby is a terrible sleeper during the day. She would scream for almost an hour whenever it was nap time. I was waiting by the door for our NapCap to arrive. At her next nap time, I put it on and 15 seconds later she was sound asleep. 15 seconds! Not only that, but she stays asleep now. Thank you – you have save my sanity!”

  11. Buyer says:

    Just what a baby needs….blocks distractions without interfering with breathing.

  12. terimacy says:

    Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, we have been looking into larger sizes and also preemie sizes, but it is still in the future.
    We would love to get that accomplished. I am glad NapCap worked for you and your baby!

  13. Stephanie Coffey says:

    Can you make the product in larger sizes. My baby is now 4 months old and still desperately needs the cap but it is getting too small!

  14. Teri says:

    This is a note from my daughter.
    “FYI…this is from my co-worker that used the Nap Cap for her new baby.”

    The hat works GREAT!! It’s such a great invention. Tell your mom to join the shark tank show to promote it. =)

  15. Teri says:

    I am so glad you responded and let me know that NapCap really helped you AND your baby. I just know that this product works and love to hear the confirmations. I feel so badly when I hear a baby cry and I know there is a solution. How can we tell more mothers about the existence of NapCap? I am so glad you and NapCap are saving your sanity. Mothers need to take what they can get so they can have strength for the teenage years! Thank you so much for trying NapCap and for your comment.
    You have won the drawing. A gift box NapCap will be shipped to you.

  16. Lauren says:

    I want to hug you. My baby is a terrible sleeper during the day. She would scream for almost an hour whenever it was nap time. I was waiting by the door for our nap cap to arrive. At her next nap time, I put it on and 15 seconds later she was sound asleep. 15 seconds! Not only that, but she stays asleep now. Thank you – you have saved my sanity!

  17. Teri says:

    Was so pleased to met the mother of baby Ruby, Lesley, who loved NapCap when she received it as an expectant mother gift. She was pleased that NapCap worked so well to help Ruby to sleep. Lesley sent NapCap a photo of Ruby asleep with the bill turned up after she had gone to sleep. Lesley said, “My dear friend Lynne gave this sleeping cap to Ruby. When I put it on her I thought of her life calling— Pope Ruby V. W.!!! She will usher in a new era of equality and prosperity. ;) Ain’t she adorable. All Hail Pope Ruby!!

  18. Teri says:

    This is a report from Raul, father of a wonderful one month old little boy who is not at home but instead residing in Rady’s Children’s Hospital. He is there being treated for a rare blood condition. Raul says, “Thank you so much for the donation of NapCap for my son, he is able to sleep so much better in the hospital now. The lights are so bright all the time, it is hard for him to rest. NapCap has made a difference!”

  19. Teri says:

    For your interest, here are some recent reviews of our product.
    1. Product as described, delivery on time.
    2. Just what a baby needs, blocks distractions without interfering with breathing.
    3. Got exactly what I wanted. Nice Job.
    4. All as it should be.
    5. Exactly what I asked for, when I needed it!
    6. I thought the product came in a timely fashion, and I love the product. It works great, better than I ever expected.
    7. I had the Baby Nap Cap in three days from date of purchase, and it was just as I hoped for. I would recommend this seller to anyone.

  20. Hiba says:

    Dear Teri,

    Thank you so much for inventing NapCap, I can’t believe no one came up with this idea before, it’s so simple and yet so useful! My baby is always getting distracted when I’m feeding him and with the napcap his eyes stay covered and he can concentrate on his feed and them drift off to sleep without any disturbing direct light.

    Just amazing!
    Thanks again,

    All the best, and do let me know once new sizes are out, I know many people here in the UK who would really benefit from these caps! :)

  21. An Austin Mom Group says:

    Our Austin’s mom group is filled with new mothers. Baby Nap Cap ($12.99) was said to be, ‘a lifesaver’ by new moms that offer a breathable yet dark cover for resting (AKA Infant Sleep Mask!). Interesting! They can be used as a sun shield for the neck, a veil up infant cap, a sun visor or a nap mask. Check it out! https://babynapcap.com/

  22. Teri says:

    How do I get my baby to nap? Is your baby sometimes fussy or overstimulated at nap time? He may just need the vaulabe and unique NapCap. NapCap is an infant sleep mask that safely promotes napping by blocking out light and other distractions. NapCap with its flap has a calming effect and allows your infant to relax and rest. NapCap is a snug fitting cap with lightweight flap to cover the eyes without resting on or blinding the infants eyes. Use NapCap consistently with each rest period and you will find your baby is cued the when the flap is down, it is time to sleep!

  23. Teri says:

    Our market is expanding and an additional use for NapCap is now being promoted with Lactation Consultants and Nurses. NapCap can be folded on down toward infant’s sides of face, left up in middle, and thus directly the vision of the infant forward toward the mother during breastfeeding. (much like blinders) This focus helps maintain the baby’s interest on the task of feeding because NapCap screens out peripheral distractions and activity. Lactation professionals like this extra feature and benefit of NapCap because distracted babies is quite a common problem encountered by mothers during nursing.

  24. Teri says:

    It is the holidays! Travel with Napcap! It can block out the extreme distractions from your little baby and keep him from getting overwrought and overstimulated.

  25. Thanks a lot for sharing this with all folks you actually recognize what you’re talking about! Bookmarked. Please additionally consult with my website =). We may have a hyperlink change contract between us

  26. Jeanine says:

    Thank you! Your invention and idea is wonderful!!!
    New Grandmother

  27. Teri Macy says:

    Our latest letter from a happy customer: “Thank you so much for the great NapCaps. They are great in keeping the light out of her eyes. They are really helpful while driving in the car. She sleeps much better without the sun in her eyes. You had a great idea!”

  28. Teri Macy says:

    I just returned from a vacation which included a long flight at night time. I was able to observe the trying time two different mothers had with their infants during the flight. Aircraft cabin lights were out during a lot of the flight which worked for the babies and mothers, but when it was time for dinner meal service, beverage service, breakfast service, the take off and the landing, those lights were switched on! and the loud annoucements would begin. Poor babies and mothers! Rude awakenings! I was thinking if only they had Baby NapCaps to wear during flights how much easier it would have been. I am carrying extras in my carry on to hand out on my next flight.

  29. Teri Macy says:

    You can’t force children or babies to sleep. All you can do is set them up for success. Use NapCap every day at naptime and have NapCap handy in your diaper bag for days that you find you are not at home in the usual bedtime spot. NapCap will become the cue that helps baby relax and fall to sleep. NapCap screens out the distractions and the light that disturbs babies.

  30. Teri Macy says:

    Be SURE to check out ITEMS OF INTEREST and POSTS. See top right side of this page for links. Thank you for all your interest and the many evolving uses for NapCap.

  31. GO GRANDMA!!!! I love that you had such a neat idea and made it happen! Saw your post on linked in and had to check it out. Cheers from a fellow child-inspired entrepreneur! Wishing you lots of luck, Kelly from http://www.snifflebuddies.com :)

  32. Teri Macy says:

    Can’t have too many NapCaps…..one for car, stroller, diaper bag, and an extra on hand when one is in the wash.

  33. Teri Macy says:

    New description for Napcap….”infant sleep mask”. Just right for blocking out the light and sun so baby can sleep. Yet NapCap doesn’t press upon the baby’s eyes and inhibit him from blinking! Napcap “floats” over the eyes. Mothers have been asking for a larger version for themselves.

  34. Juli Novotny says:

    Just thought I would check in and say HI. Hope all is well over here at NapCap. We miss seeing you guys.

  35. Laurel says:

    I received the Nap Cap as a gift and my newborn son responded to it beautifully from day one. Whether in his stroller or sling, if he starts fussing I can pop it on his head and he will quiet down in seconds and drift off to sleep. A lifesaver!

  36. I have seen the benefits of Baby Nap Cap first hand in some of my Stroller Strides classes. If only I knew about Baby Nap Cap when my kiddos were itty bitties. What a great invention. Good, calm rest for baby and mom and/or dad (or Grammy) gets to watch a beautiful sleeping baby. Is there anything better?

    Anne Schreiber
    San Diego Stroller Strides|Fit4Baby|Body Back
    4S Ranch Stroller Strides

  37. My Baby Barn says:

    Just bookmarked your site, thanks for sharing!

  38. terimacy says:

    Wonderful news about the pending birth of your first baby boy. I remember wanting to have everthing handy and in place just before giving birth, but I also couldn’t wait for the birth to take place and had lots of time to think about it because wasn’t working. I am am not the expert here, but once you hold that baby in your arms, lots of things click in. Good luck. Thanks for finding us at NapCap.

  39. High Chair says:

    Ive only got a couple of days left to go, before my first baby boy is born. When will my nesting instincts kick in.

  40. Lane K. says:

    As a new, first-time mom, I was no different from so many other moms – exhausted from no sleep…. My daughter, Macy, liked to be close to me to fall asleep and often I used a sling or carrier to shelter her from the light and distractions. It was not always practical, and I was often concerned of the risk at her young age. So my mom came up with the idea create a shield to cover her eyes. This idea evolved into what is now the Baby Nap Cap!

    When I put it on Macy’s head and pulled down the flap, she would immediately close her eyes and she would ease into a peaceful sleep. Brilliant!

    No matter who I tell about it, they ask me, “where can I get one!”

  41. terimacy says:

    Thank you Peg Loyd, R.N. for your comments from the pediatric nurses point of view! Helping make babies healthy and happy is our main motivation. I have been working with supervisors of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to develop a “preemie” size NapCap. All the nurses are anxious to have it available to help in the hospital setting. As you said the bright lights and the activity in a hospital are very hard on newborns and especially the precious, tiny, premature ones. We hope more, if not all, hospitals will all eventually know about our NapCap. The nurses we have encountered all say, like you do, that their present method of shielding the babies eyes is really not very appropriate or efficient.

  42. terimacy says:

    We are so happy you found us. NapCap is so new and unique to the market that it is not easy to find. We all want it to be discovered so it can help tired mothers and sleepy babies! We have just had a wonderful day getting new exposure that included Lactation Nurses and maternity ward gift shops and baby boutiques. We have just received an approval and vote of confidence from a local practicing pediatrician of 35 years, Dr. David Schmottlach. Thank you so much for commenting on our website. Please pass the word.

  43. Tricia says:

    Love this product! My son had colic for the first 6 months and I tried everything to keep him happy. Absolutely nothing worked except the nap cap! He was always overstimulated and would cry because he was so darn tired. Once I put the nap cap on him he could finally block out the stimulation and go to sleep. Happy baby and very happy mommy! Thank you nap cap.

  44. Ursula K says:

    Such a wonderful product! Not only is tha NapCap useful in blocking out bright lights, providing security and serenity outside the baby’s normal sleeping environment, it is also practical to use in harsh climates. Just “pull down” the visor and your baby’s face is protected from inclement weather, without all the cloth, shawls, etc., that most of us drape over the child while outdoors in these conditions.
    Grandmother of six children

  45. Hi, I can’t believe I did not invent this great hat! As a pediactric R.N. for 35yrs I had to “jerry rig” anything I could to keep the bright lights and stimulation of the hospital from babies. Preemies esp. need low stimulation and respite from bright lights to grow and rest. We had to take care to keep the face and airway clear and that was difficult with a cloth diaper or whatever else we tried to use. Terri solved this problem!! I also know that babies like routine and “learn” when they need to sleep. I will send this to all new mom’s I know because I already know it will work, and wish I had it for my kids! Peg LOyd R.N.

  46. JackieB says:

    I want to have another baby just to use this product… I just might do it! I wish it was invented 5 years ago. Thank you for helping our babies…

  47. Linley says:

    I am a Registered Nurse and mother of 4. Formerly, I was the Head Nurse in an orphanage in Asia. For years I have used the trick of placing a light weight blanket over the babies eyes so that they can block out the noise and sounds and have found this to be amazing in helping the little ones fall asleep!

    I was THRILLED to see these hats developed and they make perfect sense and will bring rest and sleep to little ones in a world that can be filled with too much stimulation. WONDERFUL DEVELOPMENT IN THE WORLD OF WEE ONES!

  48. Lynne Calkins says:

    I like it!

  49. terimacy says:

    Here is a comment from a happy customer: “What a lifesaver! I was in a family restaurant with my husband and another couple and my baby had finally had it with the noise and he was really tired. I remembered I had NapCap with me and I put it on him in his seat and he tuned out somehow and went to sleep. We all relaxed with him and we finished our meal and all went home happy. Thank you so much.”

  50. admin says:

    This is recent comment from a purchaser of NapCaps. “It’s the perfect baby and shower gift – I’ve already given away 3 and need to order more. Thanks for coming up with something so cute and helpful to new Moms!”

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