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Teri, the company's founder, was presented with her fourth grandchild on September 12, 2008. Over the next four weeks while she was helping out with the new baby, she was reminded of how sensitive infants are to light. Mother and grandmother noted that her granddaughter loved sleeping in a sling best during the day because it was a dark place. Grandmother found herself placing an edge of a blanket or burp cloth across her eyes when it was time for resting. This seemed inappropriate, inadequate, and the fabrics were too large, heavy, and cumbersome. Teri began looking for a better solution.

Too much light and too much action were the problems when it came to naptime; whether at day care, at the beach, in a restaurant, in the market, or just about everywhere. The baby was over stimulated and over tired. Every mother has experienced this situation at one time or another. Teri began working on the concept and design of a shaded cap that could be carried everywhere and used everywhere. The idea worked.  Every time the baby eyes were covered, she was able to shut out her busy new world and relax and fall to sleep. 

Baby NapCap is not sunglasses, nor a sun hat, but more like an awning shade that would be raised and lowered. The concept is all new, though very simple.

To visualize the NapCap think of a comfortable, washable 100% organic cotton baseball cap with a bill that is not firm. The portion that fits on the head is soft and expandable. The bill or veil is delicate organic cotton that falls down over the eyes and has been made of light material in a shape that floats over the baby's nose so as not to interfere with breathing. It calms the baby and promotes sleep safely. When NapCap is not being used to shield the baby from light and distractions, the veil is multi-functional and can be worn up like a typical baby cap, it can be lowered half way to become a sun visor or it can be reversed and shield the back of the babies neck as a sunshade.

The response to NapCap has been tremendous. Mothers are so happy to have this sleep aid handy in their diaper bags ready for use in so many situations and locations. They have noted that the cap encourages and allows the baby to relax, close their eyes, and sleep. 

Many mothers have discovered an extra bonus. With consistent and repeated use of the NapCap at naptime, babies are prompted to learn that putting on NapCap means it is time to sleep. 

Teri is a mother of two children, grandmother of four children, wife, and business entrepreneur in Interior Design, Real Estate and Property Management. She is not new to creative business as she started an Interior Design company in 1977 that is still operating today. Teri founded Baby NapCap, LLC with only the idea of helping mother's solve the problem of getting babies to sleep in the busy world of today.  She knows NapCap is the creative solution to easy napping for mothers and babies.