Like Magic! Sleep Mask for Infants!

August 13th, 2018

NapCap is an infant sleep mask that safely promotes napping by blocking out the light and other distractions from the environment. The infant Sleep Mask relaxes mild tension and clams your baby, inducing very important, rejuvenating and restful naps. With consistent use NapCap has been found to promote a learned response of sleep in infants. Use NapCap to maintain your baby’s sleeping routine no matter where you happen to be. Indoors or out, NapCap is a safe way that is Pediatrician Approved, to help comfort your baby in many challenging situations and places. If your baby is colicky, fussy, or just having a day of trouble settling down for their nap, try NapCap! It works like magic!

Ingenious Solution for infant sleeping.

July 9th, 2018

Block out light and distractions so baby can sleep with the simple, yet ingenious product – Baby NapCap!
Baby NapCap is not sunglasses, nor a sun hat, but more like an awning shade that would be raised and lowered over the eyes. It is an infant sleep mask that doesn’t impede the eyes, eyelids or cover the airways. Pediatrician approved. NapCap calms the baby by shielding their sensitive eyes from light and activity allowing them to relax promoting sleep safely. When NapCap is not being used to shield the baby from light and distractions, the veil and cap is multi-functional and can be worn up like a typical baby cap, or it can be lowered half way to become a sun visor, or it can be reversed and shield the back of the babies neck as a sunshade. Nursing mothers even use NapCap as a method of focusing baby on the task of nursing by bending sides of veil down to direct baby’s attention to the mother. Ingenious and multi-purpose – Baby NapCap!

Where did idea come for Baby NapCap?

June 30th, 2018

Teri Macy, an interior designer and real estate entrepreneur for the the last forty years, is the inventor of NapCap and manufacturer of BabyNap Cap. The idea for the NapCap was the creation of this grandmother of a very curious and easily over stimulated baby granddaughter. With parents having busy lifestyles and always on the go, Teri’s granddaughter often needed a little extra help to fall asleep at nap time and at night. Grandmother came to the rescue by designing for her the very first baby sleep mask, a uniquely designed NapCap that shades the baby from distractions while she is trying to fall to sleep. It floats over the eyes and nose and blocks out extra stimulus that a baby doesn’t need when trying to fall asleep. And, with consistent use, NapCap becomes a cue for sleep with infants. Moms, please try to be consistent and use NapCap in your sleep routine with ever nap, is will work like magic.

Baby NapCap Blocks Light, Aids Sleep

June 27th, 2018

Baby NapCap is designed to block light and distractions when an infant is trying and needing to sleep. Foremost it is an infant sleep mask. It is a cap that features a soft brim. It is similar to a comfortable, washable cotton baseball cap with a bill that is not firm. The headband that fits on the head is soft and expandable. The bill or veil is delicate polyester that falls down over the eyes and has been made of light material. It is shaped so that it floats over the baby’s nose and so as not to interfere with airways; nose or mouth. NapCap actually magically calms the baby and promotes safe sleep by limiting visual distractions. NapCap also has multiple additional functions because the bill can be lowered to half position and function as a sun visor, lowered on the sides to help baby focus on breast feeding, raised up to be a normal cap, or turned backwards on head and lowered to protect the baby’s neck from sun burn. Multi-functional, useful hat that comes in handy where ever you go.

Baby NapCap – Unique Invention

June 27th, 2018

Here is your perfect aid and solution to sleep and light problems with your baby. NapCap safely promotes napping by blocking out the light and other distractions. It relaxes mild tension and calms your baby, inducing very important, rejuvenating and restful naps. With consistent use it has been found to promote a learned response of sleep. Use NapCap to help maintain your baby’s sleeping routine no matter where you happen to be. Indoors or out, NapCap is a safe way to help comfort your baby in many challenging environments.

Traveling with Baby?

November 19th, 2017

NapCap is essential in the diaper bag! Visiting relatives, traveling to Grandmother’s house, seeing friends at parties; always have NapCap with your baby so they can relax and find calm from all the distractions and activity. It is not easy for the little one to be so mobile. The baby still wants only food, sleep, and love. Make sure you can provide the calming sleep mask, Baby NapCap, when it is time for them to sleep. NapCap is pediatrician approved and doesn’t impede eyes or eyelids like other products. Baby NapCap floats over an infants eyes and nose and doesn’t impede the airways or eyes. Magical, there is nothing like it.

Newborn Sleep

November 7th, 2017

During the first several months of your baby’s life, he simply sleeps when he’s tired. His waking-sleeping pattern mainly revolves around his stomach. He’s awake when he’s hungry and asleep when he’s full. Your task is to make it comfortable for a new baby to sleep and to feed him when he awakes in a routine manner. The “trick” with Baby NapCap is that you can use the NapCap as an aid to the sleeping part. NapCap blocks out light and distractions so the curious baby can relax and fall to sleep and keep a schedule. Note that consistent timing with waking, feeding and calming baby with NapCap will become a routine for you and your baby. NapCap will be the cue for comforting sleep. Only NapCap is an infant sleep mask that doesn’t impede the baby’s eyes or eyelids.

Baby Sleep Naturally and Safely

September 28th, 2017

Sweet Dreams for your baby come with good sleep time habits. New news from the medical community says the parents may let a baby sleep in their room, but not in their bed. Concern about SIDS is at the crux of the topic. SIDS occurs most often in the first four months of life. The policy statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics suggested room-sharing until a baby is at least 6 months old. Safe sleep habits recommended by pediatricians are: * Put your baby on his back every time he goes to sleep *use only a firm mattress with a fitted sheet * move your baby to a crib if he falls asleep elsewhere * never put loose objects of bedding in the crib * breastfeeding and pacifiers both lower the risk of SIDS. If your baby ever has trouble falling asleep, have Baby NapCap ready to use. NapCap safely and naturally blocks out light and distractions and permits the infant to relax and fall asleep without impeding the eyes or eyelids, or blocking airways. The best, safe infant sleep mask.

Nap Hints

August 3rd, 2017

Before your baby’s nap, go outside to, briefly but intensely, stimulate your child with physical activity and sights and sounds at the park or your yard. Expose your child to light, wind, clouds, voices, music, traffic sounds. Go for a ride in the jogger or stroller. Then tone it down as you get near nap time. Now spend an extra few minutes soothing baby in the bedroom. Make the room dark and quiet and be sure to put NapCap on your baby. Try to play the same music or have same sounds every nap time. Lower the veil of the NapCap over your baby’s eyes and let your baby relax quietly without any distractions. Use the same sleep schedule and same routine every day. It will work and become a habit looked forward to for both mother and baby. NapCap the only infant sleep mask that doesn’t impede eyes and is safe and comfortable.

Sleep Solution – NapCap

July 13th, 2017

Gentle and Natural Way to help your Baby Sleep; Baby NapCap!
There has to be an answer to getting an infant to sleep?!? Almost every mother has asked herself this occasionally or for some mothers it is a question every day. When you are so tired, why isn’t my baby? Perhaps the answer lies in the problem that the baby has become overstimulated with the rush of new sights, sounds, activity, and commotion. A baby was just a while ago, snug in the womb with lots of buffers from the real world. Now they are thrown into a new world of excitement. How much can they absorb in one day? Each baby is different right? Some are way more curious or difficult than others. The solution lies in helping the baby cope with the new experiences. Some can take in a lot of new stuff and some not so much. So mothers, look at Baby NapCap. It is the only pediatrician approved sleep mask that does not impede the eyes or eyelids. NapCap has the designed capability to block out light, block out environmental distractions, and comfortably allow your baby to sleep and nap . NapCap actually calms your baby and gives him permission to relax and let go of his new world and catch his breathe with soothing naps and sleep. We all need to regenerate and regroup, mothers and babies. Give NapCap a try, not once but every time your little one needs to sleep. Consistent use of NapCap with your baby does have a learned “cue” effect and relationship. Use NapCap every naptime and baby will be trained to relax and sleep.